Mackay West State School takes yet another prize!

Teacher, Rebecca Williams and class 5A from Mackay West State School have been doing extremely well in the Typing Challenge Competitions in 2018! The EdAlive team noticed and decided to reach out. Ms Williams was kind enough to give us a statement about their success. 

Mackay West State School takes yet another prize! »
Rebecca Williams and class 5A , Mackay West State School

“In 5A at Mackay West State School we use the Typing Tournament program every morning as a warm up for our day. We also use it at home to keep our skills sharp. Our class enjoys all the different activities and competitions the program offers to make typing fun! We especially like the speed tests and mini games as they let us know how we are going at the same time.

We were excited to receive bronze in the Term 4 competition. The words of one class member sum it up best – “Yes we have all three!” We had earned gold and silver in previous competitions this year. We look forward to participating in more Typing Tournament challenge competitions next year!

Words by Rebecca Williams.

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