Massive 6 WPM a Term Increase In Typing Speed

Typing Tournament 6 WPM Speed BoostRegular use of Typing Tournament Online increases average typing speed by 6 WPM per term per student!

Over the past few weeks we have been analysing students’ progress when learning to type with Typing Tournament Online. The results are incredible. A glance at the Leaderboard indicates that we have many classes with average speeds in excess of 40 WPM.

Regular use increases speed by 6 WPM per student per term

Delving into the data logged by Typing Tournament we have established that classes that use Typing Tournament at least once a week are, on average, making 6 WPM gain for each child per term. We’re confident that this means that classes using Typing Tournament regularly for a year are making speed gains of 20 WPM, or more, per student per year. This increase in speed holds true regardless of the age of the students from Year 1 to Year 12.

Increase in Typing Speed Over 1 Term

Data analysis is ongoing

We are continuing to delve into the data and are confident that some students are making phenomenal gains in typing speed as a part of this average progress. Over the coming months we look forward to sharing some of these statistics and their associated stories with you.


What is absolutely clear is that the use of Typing Tournament in a school can totally transform the ability of students to type in a very short time frame. It can turn two finger typists into fluid touch typists. The benefits gained in productivity and fluency will greatly impact their ability to work in this digital age.

Massive 6 WPM a Term Increase In Typing Speed - 6 wpm
Dr Lindsay Brash - EdAlive