Explosive 8 Month Reading Age Boost in a Term

Typical student progress

For students with sufficient history of usage of Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online (over 180 correct answers), we found that the average rate of progression across 185 mixed-age students was eight months in reading age after the equivalent of 11 half-hour sessions in game mode – around 330 questions attempted. (Note that this work could be completed in less time using practice mode without game-play interludes.)

Figure 1 shows the average progression for these students, indicating a strong trend. Students from a wide range of initial levels and ages contributed to this trend. This is important evidence that Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online is a valuable tool across a wide range of ages and students will benefit whether they are currently performing at, above, or below age expectation.

As well as providing further validation for the impact this product can have in your class, EdAlive is constantly looking for opportunities to fine-tune algorithms and make further improvements.

Explosive 8 Month Reading Age Boost in a Term »
A new study of student progression in Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online shows users making solid progress. This is seen through higher success rate at a given level and also through attempting questions at higher levels.
Explosive 8 Month Reading Age Boost in a Term »

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online – a comprehensive reading tool

Combining a deep understanding of learning theory and classroom practice with innovative technology is at the heart of EdAlive’s suite of learning websites. Our research ensures that our products deliver the best and continue to improve.

How it works

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online presents students with questions across four topics, within six curriculum ages ranging through 4–6-year-old to 12-15+ year-old. EdAlive’s automated Adaptive Learning system tailors the content to each student. In game mode, multiple students answer a question (concurrently) and then participate in the engaging Volcanic Panic game with elements influenced by their literacy success. If a question is too hard, the player has the option to try an alternative question, but there are also bonus points on offer for tackling a more challenging question.

Automated Adaptive Learning is applied to each topic separately so that students may find their most suitable level in each – the perfect balance of challenge and reinforcement. The four specified topics are:

  • Pre-reading
  • Sounds
  • Letters & sounds
  • Experiencing Text.


With its multiple-topic automated Adaptive Learning, Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online is perfect for delivering extra attention where it is needed, and always at the right level to consolidate and extend.

The game-changing technology behind the full range of EdAlive’s websites

EdAlive’s other Online Learning websites all incorporate equivalent technology – Typing Tournament Online, Maths Invaders Online, Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Online and Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online. Our research indicates that students using these websites are also making remarkable learning progress

Explosive 8 Month Reading Age Boost in a Term »

Dr Lindsay Brash - EdAlive