Powerful reports

Deep insights into student progress

Log in just once to access all the powerful reports across the suite of EdAlive Online Learning web sites to inform your own report-writing and access a wealth of information. Print functions are included for a range of reports and enable the production of personalised certificates of achievement for individual students.

Types of reports include

Content related reports

that relate directly to the subject of the website. So Typing Tournament reports on student typing speed and accuracy, Maths Invaders details progress with maths facts and recall speed, and so on.

Curriculum correlations

one-to-one correspondence between the questions answered and the curriculum outcomes of the Australian Curriculum, Victoria Curriculum and the NSW Syllabus as well as outcomes for the UK and US curricula.

Activity reports

show student progress (both daily and weekly), identify each student's curriculum strengths, as well as speed test results, and history.

Adaptive learning reports

detail students' progress in Adaptive Learning mode.

Real-time and historical reports

Student results are constantly updated in real-time giving teachers and students instant feedback and generating reports that show progress over time.


that help your class compete with other classes in the school and across the state, country and world.

Measurable results for effective learning

One of the great challenges of online learning is knowing just how your students are progressing. EdAlive’s suit of award-winning educational web apps include a wealth of teacher tools and reports enabling you to see exactly how and what every student is learning.

Powerful reports » Reports

Typing Tournament

The fun way to master typing – ages 6 to adult
Specific reports

Powerful reports » Reports

Maths Invaders

Build comprehensive rapid-fire maths power
Specific reports

Powerful reports » Reports

Baggin’ the Dragon Maths

Master the world of numbers and the maths of everyday living
Specific reports

Powerful reports » Reports

Volcanic Panic Reading Success

Build reading skills to unlock life's treasures!
Specific reports

Powerful reports » Reports

Words Rock

Build word power, spelling skills and grammar know-how
Specific reports