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Typing, Maths, Reading, Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling for students aged 4 – 15+

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  • Massive $$$ Savings for your school

    Each of the EdAlive online learning websites is a low cost price leader in its field, delivering outstanding value. You can subscribe to any mix of the websites you like. Many schools are subscribing to all five sites together through our highly discounted All App Access (AAA) pricing and saving thousands of dollars each year.

  • Save teachers time

    Greatly simplifies the administration of Online Learning within a school and reduces staff training time. All set-up and account maintenance for students, classes and teachers is conducted once only in EdAlive Central and then applied to all of the linked EdAlive websites.

    The automated adaptive learning systems automatically progress each student meaning that teachers are free to focus on results and don’t have to spend time adjusting content for each student.

  • Boost learning

    Our rigorous research programme demonstrates that many students using the EdAlive Online Learning titles are making progress well in excess of the expected chronological norm. The educational content is of the highest quality and is directly curriculum linked.

  • Boost engagement

    At EdAlive we believe that students learn best when they are engaged through high quality educational content that is wrapped in fun. The EdAlive websites use a diverse mix of interactive games, humour and extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to motivate and engage students.

  • Safe and secure

    From their inception, all of the EdAlive Central websites have been designed with privacy, security and eSafety in mind. This rock-solid design and our long heritage as publishers of elearning solutions combine to give you peace of mind. The EdAlive websites so far assessed through the new Australian Education Services – Safer Technology 4 Schools (ST4S) initiative have easily met the minimum standards.

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