EdAlive’s approach to building websites

Our Goal

To build great educational software that motivates kids to learn through fun.

Every chance for every child

We believe that every child is special and that education gives them the best opportunity to live life to the fullest. If you educate a child you empower a nation. That’s why our software and web sites make the highest quality resources available for all children and help to bridge the digital divide.

Every child is different

At EdAlive, we build our software knowing that every child’s learning needs are different. We want every child to experience the joy of knowing they can face a learning challenge and know success. Whether struggling or flying, there’s a place for every learner.

Great fun learning

At EdAlive, we know that kids learn through fun! That’s why all EdAlive titles are are rich in activities that motivate kids to learn through fun.

Tight curriculum integration

All EdAlive titles are based directly on the relevant curricula and are underpinned by a rigourous academic process. Coverage of the relevant material is extremely comprehensive. The educational activities within our products are of the highest quality.
During our formative days as a publisher we deconstructed the curricula of all Australian States (pre the Australian Curriculum), United Kingdom, key US and Canadian states (pre Common Core), Ireland, Singapore, Scotland and New Zealand and then built our own curriculum designed to give our products the capacity to fulfill the requirements of them all. This tight integration means that our products all contain intentionally sequenced teaching progressions based on world’s best curriculum education practice.

Kids learn at their own pace

Since my early teaching days I (Graham East) have been convinced that children, as individuals have different learning needs. The challenge has always been to deliver the right educational content at the right time for the right child and then to motivate them to access it. The EdAlive range has grown from this conviction and treats each child as an individual with unique user profiles, advanced record keeping and high levels of customisation, allowing each child to work at their own pace and to know the reward of success.

Target individual learning needs

EdAlive titles can be used right out of the box or be customised to target each child’s individual learning needs. Comprehensive reporting functions allow the identification of areas that need attention. Advanced content selection allows for the creation of individualised learning programmes.