Using Aussie School Fonts Plus with MS Word

Using Aussie School Fonts Plus with your word processor or desktop publishing software is easy. Once you have installed the fonts (Instructions are included when you receive them) you will need to ensure that the ligatures capability of the software with which you choose to use them is enabled. Here following are simple instructions to get you going.

Harness the power of ligatures in MS Word

The Smart Link™ Logic used by the Aussie School Fonts Plus Cursive and Speed Loop fonts harnesses the power of ligatures. With Microsoft Word documents ligatures are disabled by default. It is therefore necessary to enable them when using the Cursive and Speed Loop fonts.

Enabling Ligatures: Microsoft Word for Windows, Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013

Enabling Ligatures: Microsoft Word for Mac, Microsoft Word 2008

Microsoft Word 2011

Converting older format Word documents

Only newer versions of the Microsoft Word file format support ligatures so to user older Word documents you will first have to convert them to .docx format. This is a simple process. You’ll know if your Word document is of the older type as “Compatibility Mode” will display in the title bar at the top of your document. To convert older documents follow the instructions below for the version of Word you are using:

Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows

Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac

Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac

Accessing Fonts in Microsoft Word and OpenOffice

Aussie School Fonts Plus is divided into font families which are usually accessed via the font menu in the software you are using. However some applications, like Microsoft Word for Windows, and OpenOffice, have a basic font menu that only allows the selection of the font family and the application of Bold and Italic or a combination of the two. Follow the steps below to access Aussie School fonts Plus in an application using basic font menus as described above: