Australian School Fonts

Australian school fonts

Australian school fonts refer to a set of handwriting styles commonly used in Australian schools. These fonts are designed to teach children how to write in a clear and legible manner, and they are often used in early primary school grades. EdAlive’s Aussie School Fonts Plus contains all the fonts for use in Australian schools. 

Each Australian state specifies the version of the Australian School Fonts to be used in their state. Each font has its own unique style and characteristics. Some of the most common Australian school fonts include: 

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The use of Australian school fonts in Australian schools is a requirement in some states, such as New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. These fonts are taught as part of the handwriting curriculum in the early primary school grades, typically from kindergarten to year three.

The aim of using these fonts is to help children develop legible handwriting and to teach them how to write in a consistent and clear manner. Teachers often use worksheets and activities that incorporate these fonts to help children practice their handwriting skills. 


Overall, the use of Australian school fonts is an important part of the primary school curriculum in Australia, as it helps to develop fundamental literacy skills that are essential for success in later years.