Challenge 5. Keeping student results relevant

Typing Tournament Character 13

The following information has been adapted from the Typing Tournament Guide To Best Classroom Practice.

When student results are mismatched with their actual ability level, they may end up taking on challenges for which they are not ready. Sometimes, a student’s recorded results may fail to accurately reflect a student’s typing ability. Generally speaking, recorded results may be wrong because:

  • The student has used the wrong fingers on the wrong keys; or
  • Someone else has typed using the student’s account.

In these situations, student results will be out of kilter with their true typing ability. When this happens they may be able to gain access to levels that are too hard for them or earn rewards within the system that are not deserved. Also, the statistics that show up in the class reports will be skewed.

To rectify the situation the student needs to go back and do the exercises again in the correct order and from the appropriate level. This requires resetting the student’s results. This is easy in Typing Tournament.

To reset results for a student:

  1. Sign in as teacher
  2. Navigate to the class
  3. Select the student
  4. Click on “View Student History”
  5. Under Point 2, select the activities which you wish to reset
  6. Choose “Delete Selected” from the side bar

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