Curriculum Linked

Curriculum Linked

Curriculum Correlation and Direct Outcome Linking

High integrity replication of your local curricula

A wide range of local curricula have been directly encapsulated within the EdAlive websites, precisely mirroring their internal organisation, hierarchy and terminology.

Direct linking

Each Question used in the EdAlive websites is directly linked with specific, fine-grained curriculum outcomes in the encapsulated curricula.

Gives teachers and parents an unparalleled capacity to prescribe Questions by curriculum outcome.

Enables review of student progress by curriculum outcome.

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Curricula included Australia

  • Australian Curriculum
  • NSW Syllabus
  • Victoria Curriculum
  • NAPLAN Standards
  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand TKI


  • UK National Curriculum


  • Common Core State Standards

The EdAlive Universal Curriculum

The EdAlive Online Learning websites are based on EdAlive’s own bespoke Universal Curriculum. This structure is highly detailed and much more finely incremented than any state- or country-based curriculum we have encountered. It enables precise targeting of students’ educational needs.

Variants for different countries

Based on the user’s nominated country of origin our systems automatically choose a version of the educational content appropriate to local spelling conventions and units of measure including Australian/British or American spellings and cultural references, Imperial or Metric units of measure and currencies in $, £ or €.