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As part of our commitment to supporting homeschoolers, the EdAlive Group Buy program offers approved homeschooling groups and organisations significant additional savings on top of our regular Homeschool Discounts.
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If you are running an existing Group Buy and would like to know more about the the program please complete the following Enquiry form.

5 Incredibe Websites that Motivate Kids to Learn

The EdAlive Online Learning websites give you comprehensive coverage of math, reading, word skills and typing whilst motivating kids to learn.

Typing Tournament Online

Teaches Typing for Life – Ages 6 to Adult

Math Invaders Online

Rapid Fire Tables and Number Facts to Ages 5 -15

Words Rock Online

Grows Word Smart Kids – Ages 5 to 15

Baggin’ the Dragon Math Online

Master Mathematics – Ages 5 to 15

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online

Unlock Life’s Treasures with the Vital Skill of Reading – Ages 5 to 15

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Perfect for Homeschooling

EdAlive’s award winning Online Learning websites help make the task of homeschooling so much easier: