Baggin' the Dragon Maths Challenge Term 1 2024 » Massive maths motivation maths challenge

Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Challenge Term 1 2024

Motivate your class to work on Maths with the Term 1, 2024 Maths Challenge

Participate in the FREE Term 1, 2024 Maths Challenge. Give your students a great opportunity to build their maths skills.

Baggin' the Dragon Maths Challenge Term 1 2024 » Massive maths motivation maths challenge

Compete for:

The class with the highest number of Baggin’ the Dragon Maths questions answered in the week.

Its free to enter – Here’s how!

Schools with an existing subscription of Baggin’ The Dragon Maths Online may use their existing subscription with the regular student accounts.

Schools without a subscription for Baggin’ the Dragon Maths may start a using for FREE.

When is the Term 1 Maths Challenge held?

Starts Sunday February 25th and ends 10:59am AEDT Saturday March 2nd 2024.

How does the Maths Challenge work?

Each week, the Baggin’ the Dragon Leaderboard calculate and display in rank order, the total number of questions answered correctly for each class broken down by country, state and age group. At the end of the designated Maths Challenge week we will award Gold, Silver and Bronze status to Australian schools on an age group basis. Since the results will be displayed on the Leaderboard classes ranking lower than a 1st, 2nd or 3rd position can still see their rank and celebrate accordingly.

What About Awards?

Teachers and School Administrator can print Maths Challenge Certificates for their students after logging in and viewing the leaderboard for their school. They simply click on the  icon next to the class!

In-school competition

The Leaderboard allows users who are logged in to see the ranking of classes within your school allowing you to recognize achievement in your local context too.

Use the lead up week to prepare

Start using Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Free for All right now to prepare the students for a final push in the Challenge Week. From 1 class to the whole school – all may participate in the Maths Challenge. Students can work on their maths from school or home on any device, including iPads. It’s open to any class from any school Worldwide.

Winners announced

The winning schools will automatically display on the Leaderboard on the Sunday following the challenge week. Their achievement will also be preserved in perpetuity by posting in the EdAlive blog.

Getting started for schools with existing subscriptions or current subscriptions

  • If your school is already set up on EdAlive Central just start competing and your results will be automatically entered in the competition.
  • Each correctly answered question by a student in any one of your classes will count towards the weekly total. Join up as many classes as you can and compete within your school as well!

If you are not already signed up for Baggin’ the Dragon Maths for Free

Sign up for FREE here

    • Start your teacher account. In the process, you’ll need to identify your school to enable us to be in touch with you to give you access during the Challenge.
    • Enter your students
    • Print the students’ logins for them and start answering maths questions in Baggin’ the Dragon Maths.

Help has extensive resources to get you up and running.

Important Information regarding class tallys

1. We employ standard deviation filters to ensure that results that are atypical for a student are discounted and not used for the calculation of class results. This methodology assumes that each student will build their skills in a progressive manner and guards against the possibility of others with higher skills artificially inflating a student’s result by working in their account. Find out how leaderboard work.