Maths Challenge Winners Term 2 2021

This term’s Maths Challenge was the first time we were able to have students competing on both Maths Invaders Online and Baggin the Dragon Maths Online.

Well done to all of the students who competed in the Term Two 2021 Maths Challenge and congratulations to all of our winners!

Maths Invaders Online – Winners

Under 8s

trophy 2C Ms. Kennedy, Ms Kenny, Ms Pussalle – South Melbourne Primary School VIC

trophy 2A Ms. Kennedy, Ms Kenny, Ms Pussalle – South Melbourne Primary School VIC

trophy 1A Ms. Kennedy, & Ms. Patch – South Melbourne Primary School VIC

Under 10s

trophy 4N – Mrs. Nienaber – Saint Stephen’s College, Oxenford QLD

trophy 3/4E Ms. Alcock, Ms. Kenny & Ms.Lord – South Melbourne Primary School

trophy 3/4B – Alcock, Ms. Kenny & Mr MacDonald – South Melbourne Primary School VIC

Under 12s

trophy Year 5W – Mrs. Walton – Oonoonba State School,QLD

trophy 5/6D – Ms. Day – St Margaret Mary’s School, Croydon Park, SA

trophy 6 – Ms. Kenny & Miss May – South Melbourne Primary School VIC

mio challenge t2 2021


Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Online – Winners

Under 8s

trophy 2 Black 2021 – Penrith Anglican College, Kingswood NSW

Under 10s

trophy Prep – Years 3 – Brandon State School, Brandon, QLD

trophy Bowerbirds – Miss Hunt – Upper Brookfield State School, Upper Brookfield, QLD

trophy 4D – St Saviour’s Primary School, Toowoomba, QLD

Under 12s

trophy Room 18 – Silverdale School, Millwater, NIS

trophy 5B – Mrs. Lee – Marian State School, Marian. QLD

trophy 5/6G – Ben Venue Public School, Armidale NSW

Under 14s

trophy 7I – Miss Kelly – Norwood Secondary College, Ringwood, VIC

trophy 7/8 LSU – Ms. McAuley – Melrose High School, Pearce, ACT

trophy 7/8 LSC – Ms. McAuley – Melrose High School, Pearce ACT

bdm challenge t2 2021


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