NAPLAN Online – typing skills are critical

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New research has shown that Year 5 students who have learned to type with the leading touch-typing tutor, Typing Tournament Online have a clear advantage going into their NAPLAN Writing Task at Year 5 and above.

The results for the first round of NAPLAN Online are in. For the 20% of Australian students who participated, it appears to have been a great success with 99.8% of students able to complete the online test.

ACARA reports that there was a high degree of correlation between the paper-based and online formats with the results from both able to be placed on the same NAPLAN assessment scale. This said, student writing from the online assessment was judged to be superior. The official ACARA press release gives all the details.

Typing Tournament Online is used by many NAPLAN Online schools

As the publisher of the premier typing tutor used by Australian schools, we are uniquely placed to reflect on this difference in online writing results compared with the paper-based tests.

Given the number of Typing Tournament subscriptions in use in Australian schools it is reasonable to assume that a significant proportion of the schools participating in NAPLAN Online were users of Typing Tournament. Anecdotal feedback from schools on the phone and our on-site visits indicates that many schools completing NAPLAN in the Online version are users of Typing Tournament Online.

Typing Tournament makes a huge difference

Teachers are consistently telling us that that they have been using Typing Tournament in preparation for NAPLAN Online. They say that as students use Typing Tournament, they become more fluent with their computer-based writing. This improvement does not just relate to the written texts but also the entry of answers to the whole range of questions presented by NAPLAN Online.

Goog typing hand position in preparation for NAPLAN Online

Not all students are fluent with the keyboard – Typing Tournament helps!

Many have the perception that students of the digital age are well able to manage a keyboard but the reality for many is very different. For many students their primary digital text experience is based on a smart phone with the production of short informal texts being the focus. It is simply not an adequate preparation for formal online testing of writing capacity.

75% of Principals want to improve students’ keyboarding and typing skills before NAPLAN Online.

EdAlive is delighted to endorse the published findings of the Australian Primary Principals Association in its summary report: APPA NAPLAN Online Trial Survey. It indicated that in preparation for NAPLAN Online:

  • 61% of Principals want to increase teaching time allocated to keyboarding skills
  • 87% of Principals want to increase teaching time allocated to touch typing

A copy of the report with highlights added is available for your convenience here

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