Classic Ultimate Maths Invaders v2 Download (PC)

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This download is for the classic end-of-life installable version and technical support is no longer available. PC only – not compatible with Apple macOS.

This version works offline and does not contain the same advanced features as the new Online Learning websites – data can NOT be migrated between this version and the web version.

The educational learning outcomes from this title are available in these Online Learning websites:
Maths – Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Online or Maths Invaders Online

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Rapid-Fire Tables and Number Facts

Use rapid-fire tables and number facts to defend the planet from waves of invading maths problems! Get started straight out of the box, or take advantage of the powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities to zero in on your child’s learning needs. Covers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, numeration, counting, squares, square roots, powers and directed numbers.

Repel the invaders and master mental maths

  • UMIIntrinsicaly-Motivating.2Compelling rapid-fire maths – 100s of questions in minutes
  • Monitor progress at a glance or drill down to detailed printable reports
  • Linked to your local mathematics curriculum
  • Simple, kid-friendly animated interface that enhances self-directed learning

Get them… before they get you!

Action is fast, furious, and focused on learning! Players tackle 100s of questions in minutes! Spacecraft, landscape and quirky invader behaviour change with every level. So does the speed of the invasion! However, starting speed, level of difficulty, number of game variables, and question content can be adjusted to suit all players, from the arcade addict to those with special needs.

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The Educational Content: Number facts covered

Classic Ultimate Maths Invaders v2 Download (PC) -+ – x ÷, -2, %, 2.2, 0.2, 1/2, √2 Covers a huge selection of topics and levels from easy to near impossible. It helps the struggler and dares the genius! Generates an unlimited number of questions covering:

  • Lower Primary activities:
    • counting
    • numeration (place value)
    • addition & subtraction
  • width="200"Middle Primary activities:
    • numeration (place value)
    • addition & subtraction
    • multiplication and division tables to 12
    • Extended multipication and division to 25
    • fractions
    • squares & square roots
    • decimals
  • Upper Primary/Lower Secondary activities:
    • advanced numeration
    • Classic Ultimate Maths Invaders v2 Download (PC) -advanced addition & subtraction
    • advanced multiplication & division
    • advanced fractions
    • advanced decimals
    • percentages
    • powers
    • squares & square roots
    • directed numbers

The Curriculum

Ultimate Maths Invaders addresses a wide range of outcomes and objects common to all maths curricula. It is fun, flexible and focused on quickly and painlessly developing automatic recall of essential maths facts from times tables to square roots and beyond!

  • Fulfills the curriculum outcomes of the Australian Curriculum and the New Zealand TKI

Curriculum Matrix

Key Features

Number facts for home and school

Available in different versions to suit your needs from home use through to full shared network use in a school context.

Home Edition

Motivation and engagement for kids

  • Classic Ultimate Maths Invaders v2 Download (PC) -Multiple gameplay options suitable for any gamer, whether novice or arcade addict!
  • Exciting gameplay: quirky Invader behaviour, increasing speed, and a different space environment with each new level
  • Challenge Level settings for each stage enable students to measure themselves against a fixed set of content parameters
  • Reporting is completely integrated, so players can easily view their overall progress
  • The “At a Glance” progress display motivates kids to keep going and to reach new mental maths heights.
  • View the last 10 questions answered correctly and incorrectly
  • Customise user profiles with a huge range of cool user icons
  • Simple, kid-friendly animated interface that enhances self-directed learning

Administration and reporting

  • Classic Ultimate Maths Invaders v2 Download (PC) -Powerful administration and user-management features that can track the results of up to 10 users
  • Customisable for individual players by setting the ability level and individually enabling or disabling different maths categories
  • Display, export and print detailed user statistics
  • Create and allocate different content settings for each user
  • Carefully crafted learning sequence builds knowledge from early number skills right through to advanced high school concepts
  • Maintains detailed historical records for each child, allowing comprehensive reporting on kids’ progress and analysis of errors
  • Swiftly identify strengths and weaknesses with the visual snapshot of each user’s results
  • Use the historical bar chart to quickly gain an understanding of how each child is progressing over time

School Edition

All of the Home Edition features PLUS:

  • Classic Ultimate Maths Invaders v2 Download (PC) -Powerful administration and user-management features can track the results of one user or thousands*
  • Export or print progress reports for an entire class
  • Create and allocate different content settings for each user or entire classes
  • Save time by importing multiple users from existing class lists

Network Edition

All of the School Edition features PLUS:

  • Supports thousands of concurrent users in up to 64 classes*
  • Includes the EdAlive Server Application for installation on one central computer in your school. This computer then stores all of the student records in one location.

* The School and Network Editions support a maximum of 2048 unique users and 64 classes. Each user can be included in one or more classes and each class can include up to 64 users.

Save time with Integrated User Lists

  • EdAlive’s IUL (Integrated User List) technology streamlines the integration of user data with other EdAlive version 2 titles, including BRAINtastic, Volcanic Panic, Baggin’ the Dragon, Words Rock and Typing Tournament – kids’ profiles created in one title will automatically be available in the others (does not work with earlier versions of these titles)

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10