Term 4 Break!

Typing Tournament Character 7

The Typing Tournament Online staff would love to wish all our Users a safe and happy Term 4, holiday break!

We know this term has been very busy for your school and would like to thank you for your on-going support in the classroom, teaching typing skills to your students.

These holidays are a great opportunity for your students to continue practising their skills at home

Why not play Typing Tournament or type an adventure story?

It is widely recognised that ‘practise makes perfect’ when it comes to learning to type

Allowing students to form correct typing habits in the long term, and for those students participating in NAPLAN Online next year, to gain confidence on the keyboard.

We encourage teachers to print out the ‘Home Letters’ in your class management page so students can access the program from any Internet-enabled device at home.

For extra assistance, printing out your ‘Home Letters’, please visit our training video: https://www.typingtournament.com/help/teacher/training-videos/manage-class

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