Typing Milestones: Over 250 000 000 Words Typed!

Million Words Typed
The Typing Tournament counter for words typed has broken 250 million!

Well done to all our dedicated typists and teachers for being part of achieving this milestone.  Your continued use of the program serves to improve words per minute and builds the vital life skill of touch typing.  

To celebrate this momentous occasion here are some tidbits!

  • 250 000 000 is CCL in Roman Numerals
  • 250 000 000 words is well over 425 times the length of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace
  • 250 000 000 is 0xee6b280 in Hexidecimal
  • As of 2017 in dollars, 250 000 000 is the cost of the most expensive house ever listed in the USA for sale
  • 250 000 000 is 1110111001101011001010000000  in binary

Our next big milestone  of 300 000 000 words is just around the corner! Get typing and let’s see how quickly we can reach it together!

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