5 Ways To Increase Your Typing Speed

Student using Typing TournamentHow to increase your typing speed

Being able to type fast is a great skill to have especially when it comes to ongoing education and the work environment. Being able to quickly and accurately type up assignments, tests, documents, replies or articles, etc. will make your day go more smoothly and quickly, leaving time for other activities. Improving your typing speed is not just about practising, it is also about learning proper typing techniques that can help you more efficiently move around your keyboard. When you can type more accurately your typing speed naturally improves.

1. First assess your current typing skill and start from there

When trying to improve your typing speed you need to know from where you are starting. That’s one of the reasons why Typing Tournament Online is such a great environment in which to learn touch typing as it lets you take a typing speed test and, when you can demonstrate mastery, enter the teaching sequence at a level that is matched to your ability.

2. Learn the proper 10 finger typing technique

Touch typing or ten finger typing is the correct way to use the QWERTY keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard was originally created over 120 years ago to allow speedy typing using all ten fingers. The same QWERTY keyboard layout is still used on computers today. It is just as important that typists learn the correct technique as it was for the original users of the original 1868 Remington 1 typing machine! Once you learn the technique of 10 finger typing you will see how much of an improvement this simple adjustment can make on your typing speed. Without proper technique, you will waste more time making corrections than you will typing. Therefore, mastering the proper typing technique is crucial for bettering your typing speed. When you have the technique in place the speed will just follow naturally.

3. Then practise, practise, practise

Typing Tournament Online has been built from the ground up to promote typing practice. It is a truly innovative and motivational environment designed to help children learn to type. It is great for adults too. The practice necessary to build automaticity and its associated muscle memory necessarily takes time. Typing Tournament Online has been created to facilitate this practice in a systematic way that uses masterly learning to ensure that progress is continuous. It uses a fun mediaeval theme to motivate the learner and has advanced reporting capabilities to help teachers manage and motivate their classes.

4. Learning through errors

When you are just beginning to learn to type it can be frustrating when you continuously make mistakes, however these errors can serve as a learning tool. Typing Tournament Online highlights errors and gives the typist time to correct them before proceeding. The process reinforces the correct keystrokes and minimises the frustration that can arise from incorrectly typed keys.

5. Test and test again

Typing speed tests have been part of the process of learning to type since the introduction of the Remington 1 typewriter. Typing Tournament Online has a huge range of inbuilt typing tests that monitor each student’s progress and give them feedback on their progress.

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