EdAlive Central – Single Sign On

One app to unite them all

EdAlive Central is the ground-breaking system that unites the EdAlive web apps into one seamless whole:

  • Massive savings for schools and families
  • One set of students and classes for your school
  • One (Single) Sign On for each student
  • One administration account
  • One set of innovative capabilities that power the connected EdAlive Web Apps

The power and simplicity of EdAlive Central puts teachers and parents in control and makes it easy for students to sign in and use the whole suite.

Progress to date

The smash hit Typing Tournament Online has already become a favourite in thousands of Aussie schools. The recently released Maths Invaders Online is proving very popular with schools and usage is growing healthily.

EdAlive Central Web Apps

EdAlive Central Completed
Typing Tournament Online Completed
Maths Invaders Online Completed
Words Rock Online Coming 2019
Baggin’ the Dragon Online Coming 2020
Volcanic Panic Online Coming 2020
ZooWhiz Reading Coming 2020
Spelling Force Online Coming 2021
3rd Party Solutions  As required



Innovation that facilitates learning

The EdAlive Central system enables parents, teachers and students to use our powerful titles with ease. The core capabilities that enable this are:

  • SSO (Single Sign On) – only one account for each student and one set of sign-in credentials. Learn more
  • Comprehensive Class Management – Teachers only have to learn how to use it once for one of the EdAlive web apps and then use it for all of the other EdAlive web apps apps. Learn more
  • Multiplayer Interactive Games – Using the latest in online gaming technology we have created a truly interactive engine that powers our multiplayer games and uniquely engages students. Learn more
  • Individualised instruction – All EdAlive titles are built on the premise that students learn best when the work presented is targeted to their learning needs. Learn more
  • Adaptive Learning – Automatically adapts the learning content being presented to the student to match their learning needs. Learn more
  • Curriculum Correlations – A wide range of local curricula have been directly encapsulated within EdAlive Central allowing the correlation of work completed in the various web apps. Learn more
  • Works on All Devices – Type on any device, anywhere, anytime. Fully HTML – No Flash. Learn more
  • 3rd Party Offerings – 3rd party developers may apply to EdAlive to have their products integrated with the EdAlive Central class management and SSO capabilities. EdAlive Central also profiles a growing range of 3rd party materials designed to support the teaching of ICT and related subjects. Learn more

Program fatigue solved

Teachers tell us students tire of even the best online learning systems. We call this program fatigue. The diverse range of EdAlive titles solves this problem. The in-built motivators are linked as closely as possible with the educational content. We use a range of leaderboards, certificates, reward movies, interactive games, competition and humour to engage each student as consistently as possible. The mix of motivators and scenarios differs from title. The result is a suite of educational web apps that give students endless, engaging variety and keep them engaged and on task month after month and year after year.

Great value

We have always been committed to bringing educators and parents the very best resources at the lowest cost. Some schools are spending over $10,000 per year for just one online maths program whilst others that are unable to afford such charges are using low cost, poor quality, free offerings. The EdAlive Central web apps are both high quality and great value.

Where we have come from?

EdAlive has been serving Australian educators and parents for over 30 years. Since our inception we have endeavoured to deliver the very best in educational software and online systems so that every child might have the best chance of learning.

Starting in 1987 EdAlive rapidly became Australia’s No1 supplier of educational software and then evolved to become a world leader in the publication of Educational CDs, winning over 50 major awards and endorsements.

The future

Building on this rich background we are now focused on the production of suite of online web apps centred around our revolutionary EdAlive Central system. All the web apps will use the latest html5 technology and work on all devices.

We trust you enjoy using our growing range of powerful and innovative teaching tools.

Kind regards



Graham East

Managing Director EdAlive

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