School’s typists are third fastest in NSW

Typing Tournament Deniliquin Christian School Year 8
Deniliquin Christian School Year 8 students (back, from left) Cate Broekman, Nevada Schwartzkopff, Madison Moser; (front) Lil Hay, Josh Everingham, Meg Taylor and Lachlan Baker.

Deniliquin Christian School students have typed their way to success after claiming bronze in last term’s Typing Tournament.

Hosted by educational published EdAlive, the school’s Year 8 students competed against more than 759 classes nation-wide to finish third in the ‘Fastest in NSW’ category.

Their class typing average was more than 22 words per minute, and their results will be recognised with an engraved trophy as well as individual certificates.

Christian School typing tournament facilitator Maryanne Jones said the tournament has allowed students to develop a crucial life skill.

‘‘Learning to type faster and more accurately helps students later on, whether it’s with assignments or as they approach high school and university,’’ she said.

‘‘The program is easy to use and they enjoy it, but it also is constantly challenging them to improve their speed and accuracy.’’

Ms Jones said the typing program is utilised at school several times a week.

‘‘The students love it, and some have even started using the program at home,’’ she said.

‘‘The tournament is held throughout the year, but the official competition with awards and trophies is held during one of the last weeks of each term.’’


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