Graham East – Founder of EdAlive

Graham East in jacket and tie in circleEarly experience

As a primary school teacher of many years experience Graham grew to realise the importance of individualised programmes of work and the element of fun in learning. With the advent of educational computing around 1984 he enthusiastically embraced the new technology and was soon an avid user of Apple II computers with his classes. He instantly recognised the educational potential of the new technology, and before long was a respected practitioner of educational computing, training other staff and advising other schools. This interest and passion grew into a small educational computing business called New Horizons that commenced in 1987. The business grew rapidly to become the preeminent supplier of educational software to Australian schools.

EdAlive LogoEdAlive the publisher

In 2003, Graham together with his wife Barbara and team established EdAlive, the formal publishing arm of the enterprise. As time has passed, this new focus surpassed the software distribution business and EdAlive became one of the world’s leading publishers of Educational software. 

Change is the constant

Graham has led New Horizons and latterly the educational publishing business EdAlive through the changing landscape of educational computing for nearly 35 years. During that time the industry has evolved from green screen computing with data on a floppy disk to the application of artificial intelligence to online learning systems. Graham is one of the most experienced education technologists in Australia and has superintended the creation of over 80 CD based educational computing titles and 7 online learning websites. 

EdAlive Central Web AppsOnline learning websites

Since 2011 the EdAlive team have been developing online learning websites

World map. Global Network

Growing Australian and global usage

All these online learning web sites are currently operational except ZooWhiz which has been decommissioned due to the obsolescence of Flash. There are currently thousands of active school subscriptions with millions of site visits. Every day new schools and parents start using the EdAlive websites with their students and children.

A team effort

Although Graham has been the project lead on most of the products and websites, he has been ably supported by an incredible team many of whose talents and abilities far outstrip his own. Their contribution is deeply embedded in all of the EdAlive products and the day to day running of the operation. His wife Barbara has also made an invaluable contribution to all that has been achieved.

Armidale NSW – Home to EdAlie

Graham lives in Armidale NSW