Homeschoolers Bust Slugs and Word Problems in Words Rock Online

With homeschooling happening all year round, it can be a test to find resources that can work no matter what the time of year. Whether it be during the customary school terms, or during the traditional holiday periods, finding something that can stay enjoyable and engaging can be quite the task. In this search, the Homeschool families from the Homeschool Review Crew have taken the time to check out three web apps from EdAlive!

One of the three web apps many of these families tried out and reviewed was Words Rock Online! With so many reviews, it was hard to pick out a handful of them to share with you. Here are some of our favourite excerpts.

Words Rock Online Key Quotes

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Ladybug Daydreams exclaims “I don’t think there was a single day that went by (weekends included) that Grasshopper didn’t ask to play the “Slug Game.” He absolutely loved it, and I liked that he was getting some extra grammar practice in.”

For Him and My Family  shares that “While sometimes my kids grumble about the school I make them do over the summer they are not grumbling about this summer vocabulary fun because it’s really just a bunch of learning games that test their knowledge and encourages them to learn and get better.”

A Net in Time excitedly states “I love immediate feedback!  Not only for each question, but also for your overall session. I also like that you can look back and see improvement if you go to tools and reports.”

KGB That’s Me relayed that “The variety of questions seemed endless to me, and the questions all had a playful, fun presentation and context that made them just right for kids.” and concluded that “The game mode is great for younger children and those with ADHD (like my son) who get distracted easily and have difficulty focusing on one thing for too long.”

Teresa Brouillette finalised with “We are thoroughly enjoying Words Rock Online. It’s a fun approach to practicing and improving language art skills. It’s a wonderful tool for summer learning and will add fun to our language lessons during the school year.”

Help for Homeschoolers

EdAlive has a variety of resources available to assist with getting the most from your homeschool experience. Make sure to check out our Help for Homeschoolers containing information on Risk-Free FREE Trials, Speciality Homeschool discounts, our Group Buy Program and more!

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