Just For Fun: Typing DNA

It sounds like science fiction but the program TypingDNA analyses a user’s manner of using a keyboard into an accurate identity verification.

Whereas other authenticators might use methods such as a secret question, personal information or a mobile phone to confirm identity, TypingDNA verifies a user’s identity by using their unique typing patterns.

The application has been designed with the idea that current two-factor authentication (eg using a password and using a separate device) is cumbersome. Using TypingDNA Instead allows the same level (if not an even more accurate one) of authentication by just typing in a password. This means that even if a person does get a hold of your password or a robot guesses it, they will be unable to access your account because they can’t match your unique typing patterns.

In the EdAlive office we had colleagues purposefully try to log on as someone else and even when trying to mimic a typing style they were unsuccessful.

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