Tenacious Typists Win Gold!

The Year 7 Students from Cerdon College have been learning to master the skill of touch-typing. Cerdon College places great emphasis on ensuring its students “receive an education that equips them to take their place as citizens … beyond their formal school years”. The determination to see this promise through is evident in outstanding results from the students during Typing Tournament Online’s Quarterly Typing Challenge Term 1.

Class 7E9, placed 1st in the “Under 14s Most Words Typed” category of the Typing Challenge, collectively typing 17,894 words.

Typing Challenge Winners Cerdon College 7e-1
Under 14s 1st Place Most Words Typed Term 1 2018 Cerdon College 7E

These results are a combination of the excellent standard of teaching exhibited by Miss Farrugia, whose teaching strategies helped to engage the students in proper technique, and the girls’ own personal tenacity for self-improvement in their typing skills.

Here’s what their teacher, Miss Farrugia, had to say

“For the past few weeks Year 7 ICT classes have participated in an international online typing competition run by the company EdAlive, designed to help up-skill our students for digital tests like NAPLAN Online, the coming digital HSC and the many and varied school, test and work scenarios facing them throughout the rest of their education and on into life.

The complex, high-level kinaesthetic skill of handwriting is universally taught via a structured learning programme spanning many years of schooling. Typically, it will feature increasing complexity and repetition commencing with a simplified font and progressing through intermediary stages to fully formed cursive writing. So too, good keyboarding skills need to be systematically taught. Left to their own devices children usually develop poor, inefficient habits that stymie their productivity for the rest of their education.

The competition focused around teaching students effective strategies for typing, by motivating them to use the right fingers on the right keys to ensure successful typing, and thus improvement in their efficiency is achieved.

With great determination, 7E9 was successfully awarded 1st place in the National “Under 14s Most Words Typed” category. The girls received a trophy and a certificate from EdAlive and their success will be published on the monthly winner’s blog.

I would like to say a big congratulations to the girls in 7E9.” Miss Farrugia – ICT Teacher

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