Maths Fact Fluency explained

Schoolgirl thinking about maths

What is “tables and number fact fluency”?

Tables and number facts fluency is the quick and effortless (automatic) recall of basic math facts from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention. Every child should instantly recall that 6 x 8 = 48 without counting on their fingers on in their heads. Table (maths fact) fluency is an essential life skill that should be achieved before a child leaves primary (elementary) school.

Why is tables and number facts fluency important?

Thinking mathematically requires the use of our working memory. If we have not achieved automaticity with our tables and number facts then we must use our working memory to calculate the tables and number facts at the same time as we are thinking mathematically. This extra mental load slows us down and can overwhelm our mental capacity. When we have mastered our tables they are recalled instantly leaving our working memory free to work mathematically. Students who don’t have immediate recall of tables and number facts spend much of their time on basic computations instead of learning higher order maths skills.

Achieving Maths Fact Fluency with Maths Invaders Online

The rapid fire questions of Maths Invaders Online force a player into using their working memory. The faster the questions get, the greater the need for automaticity to get through levels. Due to the smart design of Maths Invaders Users don’t even realise how many questions they are answering in such a short amount of time!

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