What Is Maths Invaders Online?

Maths Invaders Online : A multifaceted maths resource of unparalleled power

The new Maths Invaders Online is a resource of unparalleled power and capacity for teachers of maths. It is concurrently:

  • a tables/maths fact teaching environment
  • a comprehensive mastery learning programme
  • a massive Printable Maths Practice Worksheet Generator

Its focus on developing critical maths facts and computational maths skills is laser sharp and incredible value for any school.

Not only does Maths Invaders Online teach tables and maths facts through repetition and sequencing but it also develops mental maths agility and fluency, and teaches mental maths patterns, tricks and strategies that will stay with a student for a lifetime.

Maths invaders

Years K – 10

Maths Invaders Online starts with kindergarten level counting and simple addition and builds up to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables all the way to challenging Year 10 calculations including powers and square roots.
Throughout this journey it comprehensively covers computational maths and will foster a mathematical mindset in students.

Individualised learning

Maths Invaders Online is built on the premise that students learn best when the work presented is targeted to their learning needs. Maths Invaders Online:
• Enables each student to progress at their own pace
• Enables teachers and students to choose the number facts to be practised and then allows for repetition until mastery is achieved
• Focus on areas needing attention or extension by selecting the same topic at a lower or higher level
• Extends the gifted and supports those for whom learning maths is a struggle

Massively motivational, challenging and fun

Save the planet from waves of descending maths questions! Only the correct answers will stop them. If you run into the invaders or they get to the bottom of the screen, you’re INVADED!
The fast and furious Maths Invaders Online game engages and motivates students to master mental maths.

  • Carefully sequenced to build mental maths ability step-by-step
  • Little-by-little as skills increase the maths gets harder
  • The children are having so much fun they don’t even realise they are learning
  • Players tackle 100s of questions in minutes

Enhanced power

The new Maths Invaders Online is built on the rich, multi-award-winning pedigree of the original Maths Invaders CD Edition. It has been upgraded and transformed to create a hugely powerful and maths mastery learning system!

Twin sister with Typing Tournament Online

Maths Invader Online is packed full of highly innovative and motivational features shared with the massively successful Typing Tournament Online. They both interact with the EdAlive Central Teacher Management Module and Single Sign On systems making students and teachers feel instantly at home.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Maths Invaders Online can be used anywhere there is an internet connection including home and school, at any time of day and on any device including iPads and other mobile tablets.

Maths Invaders on all devices

Maths Invaders CD Edition award highlights

EdAlive Multiple Award Winner

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