Matthew Gibney School Typeathon Trophy

Students Receive Typeathon TrophyRecently, we were sent a picture of our 1st place “Most Words Typed”- Beginner overall champions receiving their class trophy and individual certificates. The students collectively typed 9,035 words and had an average speed of 10.6 wpm. Here is what their teacher Jessamy Savory had to say:

“Late last year students and staff from Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School in High Wycombe, Western Australia, subscribed to Typing Tournament. Students from Years 2-6 have thoroughly enjoyed using the program and are captivated by the graphics and sounds, and are becoming quite competitive in beating their previous personal best test scores each time they attempt a new level. Their typing skills have progressed extremely well. As a teacher it is rewarding to see them develop correct finger placement skills and increasing their typing speeds as each new level is mastered. We look forward to continuing with Typing Tournament.

Our current Year 4 class was thrilled to win a trophy and personalised certificates in the “Most Words Typed” category of the Typing Tournament Online competition”.

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