Students Type Their Way To Victory

Typing Challenge Channel Christian SchoolThe students of Mrs Weeks’ Year 2/3 class at Channel Christian School have just typed their way to success by winning first place in the “Most Words Typed”, Intermediate category in the Typing Tournament World Typeathon.

The Typeathon was conducted during Term 4 in 2016 and involved over 315 participating classes worldwide.
The World Typeathon operates in conjunction with the
Australian website Typing Tournament Online. As teachers across the country have recently begun preparing for the implementation of NAPLAN Online, they have started to focus on the vital skill of 10 finger typing by using Typing Tournament Online.
Jessica Weeks has been able to motivate and engage her students, through their World Typeathon participation, as their classes learn to master keyboarding.
This motivation is evident through their successful results, the class collectively being able to type 15,410 words.
The school received class trophies for their win in their category and each student from the winning classes that participated received an individual certificate during an assembly on Friday, March 10.

Children who learn to type properly are at a huge advantage for the rest of their schooling as they can type faster and more accurately thus setting their minds free to think about what they are typing rather than trying to find the keys to press.
“Many children learn bad keyboarding habits through their early exposure to technology, causing them to develop very poor keyboarding skills that stay with them as they grow,” said Graham East, Managing Director of EdAlive, a leading Australian educational publisher, and publisher of Typing Tournament Online.
“We’ve all seen tiny children playing with iPads dragging text around with their fingers.
“This is great for mum and dad as it keeps the child entertained and can help them with their early learn- ing but it ingrains poor keyboard habits.
“These ingrained bad habits limit their ability to express themselves as keyboards are designed to be used typing with all ten fingers correctly without look- ing at the keys.
“These days with so much of our working lives spent using a keyboard and with NAPLAN assessments heading online it is more important than ever that children learn to type properly. Adults who are unable to type efficiently lose thousands of hours from their lives as they hunt and poke at the keyboard,” said Graham.
Typing Tournament Online is the most educationally sophisticated typing program available yet is simple and fun to use.
Its unique combination of mastery learning, teaching sequences and games motivate children to learn the vital skill of keyboarding and can be used anywhere there is internet connection, on any device including iPads and other mobile tablets.

Credit : Emma Bone

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