New! Galactic Campaign – Released!

We have just released the amazing Maths Invaders Online “Galactic Campaign” mastery learning system. It makes the challenging task of teaching maths so much easier and totally changes rate at which your students can progress.Maths Invaders Galactic Campaign Stars 2
It channels students through 128 sequential Steps through 10 learning Zones from Year 1 to Year 10. The graphics and story line are designed to fascinate them. The new star based reward system concurrently motivates them to progress through the difficulty Steps, be accurate with their answers and to increase in speed.
This first release contains all of the essential elements of the design but over the coming weeks we will add powerful but easy to use range of enhancements that will boost motivation further and give teachers incredible feedback on their student’s progress.Maths Invaders Galactic Campaign

Coming in the next few weeks will be:

  1. A skip ahead mode that will allow students to jump into the mastery progression at a level appropriate to their current maths skills. They will still be able to regress and practise easier work to earn stars but for students with solid skills it will give them the option to start at their level.
  2. Display of the content being accessed for each step. There are over 850 individual algorithms generating the maths questions. Soon you’ll be able to quickly see which questions are being feed into each Step
  3. Maths Invaders Galactic Campaign 2Curriculum correlations. Teachers will be instantly be able to see which curriculum outcomes have been addressed by each Step in the mastery learning progression. The correlations with the Australian Curriculum, the Victoria Curriculum and the NSW Syllabus have all been mapped. We are just waiting on the programming team to implement them
  4. A Powerful, easy to access overview report that will combining the following dimensions for each student:
    1. Progress through the Steps and Zones
    2. Equivalence of the Zones to Year levels
    3. Speed achieved at each Step
    4. Correlation of Steps mastered with curriculum outcomes
Maths Invaders Galactic Campaign StarsGalactic Campaign transforms Maths Invaders Online from maths practise tool to a powerful individualised learning mastery system. Students using it can complete up to 1,600 questions an hour or over 800 questions in a 30 minute session. Each answer progresses them though their own individualised mastery learning sequence.

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