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Every paid school subscription to an EdAlive service comes with unlimited support* to help you to get the best outcomes for your school community & home.

Covers school subscriptions to:

  • Typing Tournament
  • Maths Invaders
  • Words Rock
  • Volcanic Panic Reading Success. 

Alternate help arrangements for the free version of  Baggin the Dragon Maths 

*Support is for guidance in the set-up and operation of your subscription. An additional Assistance Fee may be payable if you would like EdAlive staff to perform further operational tasks.

EdAlive Help Centre

The EdAlive Help Centre

Visit the EdAlive Help Centre to access a host of detailed support materials to guide you through the set-up of your subscriptions.

Download and Print PDF User Guides

The following comprehensive guides will help you fast track use in your school:

Telephone support

Our friendly staff are always ready to help

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Over-the-phone walkthrough

Be personally guided through one or all of the EdAlive websites by one of our support team. You’ll be systematically guided through the set-up and operation of your subscription and given guidance in classroom use, reporting and more.

Email or call to book a time that best suits you between 8:30 and 4:30 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

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Context sensitive help

In-app support is available for some screens. It displays help relevant to a particular screen.

School Help »

Email support

Unlimited email support for schools, parents and homeschoolers globally.

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