Yougnu and Anangu Indigenous fonts

yougnu anangu


To represent the full range of sounds in their languages, speakers of Pitjantjatjara in Central Australia and numerous Aṉangu and Yolŋu languages in Arnhem Land use writing systems which include characters not usually found in the standard English alphabet. Aussie School Fonts Plus features a specially modified font set that works with the Aṉangu and Yolŋu languages.
  • Additional characters have been incorporated to accurately portray the Aṉangu and Yolŋu spoken languages.
  • The base fonts follow the style guide of the Western Australian and Northern Territory Modern Cursive as defined by the respective Departments of Education.
  • The full font set contains 30 fonts which can be used for the teaching of handwriting in the native Aṉangu and Yolŋu languages.
  • Custom guidelines, slope lines, and line markers can be created when using the included the Utility font.
  • A standard font (non-handwriting) with the additional characters is also included for normal day-to-day use.
  • The Aṉangu and Yolŋu fonts are designed to work without the need for additional hardware or custom keyboards.
  • We have utilised SmartLink™ logic to automatically insert the Aṉangu and Yolŋu characters when key combinations are typed on a standard keyboard.
  • The fonts may also be used with the “Yolngu-J” software keyboard available from Australian Society of Indigenous Languages AUSIL.

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yougnu anangu table
Yougnu Anangu special characters