Typing Articles By Teachers And Principals

Teachers and Principals often refer to the need for typing skills.

  • Willeton Senior High School “The English department has started teaching touch typing to their lower school classes in an effort to improve speed and accuracy of typing skills”
  • Forrestdale Primary School “Touch typing skills have become important for children to learn as assignments were often required to be typed and printed in high school and university”
  • Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, Melbourne – Ann ­Mathers “With NAPLAN going online and the growing use of computers, touch typing absolutely has to be a 21st-century skill.’’
  • South Australian Primary Principal’s Association “Principals in South Australia have warned that their students could fall further behind other states’ literacy and numeracy results when NAPLAN is moved online”. “Pen and paper is the best way to do it. A lot of time is going to be spent getting kids familiar with keyboards rather than writing”.

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