Willetton Senior High Scores Top Marks in Typing

Willetton Senior High - Canning Times
Leilah Warlik, Stephanie Lim, Callum Hutchison and Amy Mercer with their trophies.

WILLETTON Senior High School students were recently presented with trophies for winning awards at a World Typeathon last year.

The competition involved 315 participating classes worldwide. Willetton SHS was sent several class trophies for its category wins.

Year 8 classes won first and second place in the advanced category awards for ‘fastest overall’ and ‘most words typed’.

With NAPLAN assessments ready to go online from May, teachers such as Lara Duffy and Joel Day are keen to ensure students know how to use all 10 fingers correctly on the keyboard to maximise their speed.

“Last year the English department started teaching touch typing to their lower school classes in an effort to improve speed and accuracy of typing skills and to encourage good posture while sitting at a keyboard,” Ms Duffy said.

“We used an online program called Typing Tournament, which teaches traditional touch typing in a technologically advanced and entertaining way.

“Students improve their typing speed and accuracy through a range of online challenges that are structured in 16 levels, just like the format of a game and just as fun.”

Credit: Pia van Straalen

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