Boost your child’s learning today! 

Boost your child’s learning.

The EdAlive online learning web sites will boost your child’s learning by up to 12 months in just one term and even more with longer use. 

Research conducted over many years clearly shows that when children use EdAlive web sites just once or twice a week, they make strong learning gains. 

Start a free trial today and see how quickly your kids will benefit. 

Boost your child’s learning today!  »

Graham East 

Managing Director 


Boost your child’s learning today!  »

Ages 5 – 15+. Master the world of numbers and the maths of everyday living with over 10,000 questions. 

Ages 5 – 15+. The touch-typing tutor that boosts typing speed and literacy age. 

Ages 5 – 15+. The mental maths and tables tutor from EdAlive. 

Ages 5 – 15+. The literacy program that builds word power, spelling skills and grammar know-how. 

Ages 5 – 15+. The phonic and text-based programme that builds reading skills to unlock life’s treasures. 

The complete set of handwriting fonts for Australian school children. (This is not a website.) 

  • Install on your computer and type and print in correct font for your child’s state.  
  • Print, cursive and running writing fonts. 
  • Makes perfect joins as you type.