Typing Tournament

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Typing Tournament

Keyboarding and Typing Curricula References

Each Australian State and Territory maintains it own department of education and is responsible for its own curriculum. Most fulfil this requirement by referring to

Curriculum Correlation

Australia: Typing in the School Curricula

The Australian Curriculum and the various state-based curricula and syllabi do not clearly mandate the teaching of efficient keyboarding. Neither did the preexisting state based

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Case Studies and Reviews

Matthew Gibney School Typeathon Trophy

Recently, we were sent a picture of our 1st place “Most Words Typed”- Beginner overall champions receiving their class trophy and individual certificates. The students

Channel Christian School
Case Studies and Reviews

Students Type Their Way To Victory

The students of Mrs Weeks’ Year 2/3 class at Channel Christian School have just typed their way to success by winning first place in the