Challenge 1 – Finding Time To Teach Typing

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Finding time to teach typing quickly pays off

Many teachers find that fitting just one more thing into the crowded school curriculum is difficult. In the case of teaching typing skills a little work upfront quickly pays off. Once students are able to type they can get through their other work requiring keyboard input more rapidly. The time invested in Typing Tournament will be more than balanced by the savings in other areas.

The following information has been adapted from EdAlive’s Typing Tournament – Guide To Best Classroom Practice.

How do schools find time to teach Typing with Typing Tournament?

A little practice regularly is the best approach. With Typing Tournament, each student has their own account that tracks their progress word by word. This means that class sessions can be any length that suits your situation.

Here are a few of the common way teachers find time to teach typing:

Keep sessions short and have them regularly

  • Many teachers use the first 10 – 15 minutes of the lesson for typing practice
  • They find that this settles the students and is the kind of activity that easily accommodates late-comers or students having difficulty signing into the system
  • Once the typing session is finished the whole class is ready to move onto the next activity together

The first 10-15 minutes of ICT and specialist lessons

  • ICT lesson in the computer lab
  • Literacy lessons
  • Creative writing
  • Business studies

Regular in-class typing sessions

  • Use laptops one-on-one if there are sufficient
  • Start the day or return from morning tea or lunch to 10 minutes of typing
  • Regular typing lesson in weekly timetable
  • Use in small groups for rotations

A concentrated focus period

  • 15 minutes a day for say 2 weeks with follow-up lessons at longer intervals
  • A focus on Typing Tournament for a term followed by a term off

Activity rotations in class

  • Language arts/English
  • ICT

Non class use

  • Lunch time voluntary activity in the library
  • After school care


  • Use Typing Tournament as a homework activity
  • Print and send home the Typing Tournament “Home Use” letters from the Teacher Management section
  • Use the Typing Tournament reports to see when a student last used the system

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