Homeschool Reviewers go Manic for Volcanic Panic

As any homeschooler knows, teaching your child to read can often feel like a daunting task. Feeling the pressure of knowing you need to be providing the key blocks to understand the written word which surrounds us daily is an ever-present concern. That’s why many homeschoolers look towards educational resources to assist in this task, providing a well-rounded approach and guidance to the small ones in our care. EdAlive is here to help in this journey though, and we reached out to the Homeschool Review Crew so they could try it out themselves.

As Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online follows Australian/British English for its lessons there were fewer reviewers for this web app compared to the other EdAlive apps. Those who did take the time to review this however found it to be very enjoyable and useful. Don’t just take my word for it though. Here is what they had to say.

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Key Quotes

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A Peace of Mind wrote that “This was a welcome addition to our regular reading that we do together each day. I definitely appreciated how there was a spot where my girls could click if something was “too hard” and they would be able to move forward without completing that question.” She also regaled “As tends to be the case with my kids, we have a hard time not chasing those rabbit trails and so many of the reading selections used in this were so interesting that we had to explore them more!”

Hopkin’s Homeschool explained that “I had Baby Girl use this as a fun way to practice her reading skills. She usually played against the computer instead of other kids as she is on the lower end of learning how to read. She enjoyed being able to take a break from our regular lessons and play a game instead.”

The Schooling Swag Blog shares that “The computer also read the questions aloud which was really helpful in allowing him to play independently.” and concluded with “I would recommend Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online for students who need extra support in reading or as a summer enrichment activity for any beginning reader.” 

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