How Fast Should Students Be Able To Type?

Average Typing Speed of the Fastest Class Each WeekAre your students typing quickly enough?

Many Typing Tournament Students attain speeds over 80 Words Per Minute. Make sure that the students at your school are not left behind hunting and pecking at 10 WPM!

A recent analysis of the typing speeds being achieved by students using Typing Tournament Online has revealed a significant number of students building typing speeds in excess of 60 WPM. Some are even breaking through the 100 WPM barrier!

Typing SpeedoFaster and faster

The accompanying graph shows the increase in average typing speed of the fastest classes during 2019. They started out at 35 WPM and are now reaching over 50WPM on average. That is seriously quick typing for a whole class!

Go all the way to 108 WPM

On the initial pass through the Typing Tournament exercises students achieve a typing speed of 22 WPM. Once they have achieved this speed, they are able to unlock the Change Speed option and access typing speed goals all the way to 108 WPM.

Free Typing Tip Poster - Typing SpeedWhat is an acceptable typing speed?

40 WPM is generally recognised as a competent speed. This speed is virtually impossible to achieve by hunting and pecking. Those working with words in a professional sphere need to achieve in excess of 60 WPM and highly competent typists aim for 80+ WPM. Our free Typing Speed Poster is great to help inspire students.

Access to increased speed goals is now clearer

We recently made changes to the notifications that appears once students have completed Level 16 at 22 WPM. Reminders to work on achieving higher speed goals are now much clearer. This will help enable even more students to achieve stellar typing speeds!

Typing Tournament Online is the tool for the task

Starting a 30 day FREE School Trial is a great way to check out this amazing program.
There are hundreds of thousands of Aussie kids using it already. Don’t let your school be left behind with kids hunting and pecking at less than 10 WPM!

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