AS 2708 2001 Australian Standard Keyboarding Speed Test

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Australia sets the standards for typing speed

AS 2708 2001 Australian Standard Keyboarding Speed Tests formerly known as Typing Speed Tests, has been produced by Standards Australia to provide a uniform method of testing for use by bodies that conduct, assess and certify keyboarding tests for speed and accuracy. Details of the Standard are available from Standards Australia. The Standard provides a test method that facilitates the comparison of individual keyboarding speeds.

An independent umpire needed hence AS 2708 2001

Since the invention of the typewriter in the 1850s the race has been on for typists to type quickly and accurately. To judge the actual speed and accuracy of typist there has long been a need for an impartial umpire. This needs is the same today as always. In Australia that umpire is AS 2708 2001 Australian Standard Keyboarding Speed Tests.

Typing Tournament meets the standard

The typing tests within Typing Tournament Online have been based on the key principles articulated in this Australian Standard.

AS 2708 2001 Australian Standard - Typing Tournament

Teaches Typing for Life

A complete, 10-finger typing course

Users can jump right in at their existing skill level and then progress at their own pace through 128 Lessons, Games & Drills. Progressively introduces the whole keyboard and actively promotes the use of the right fingers on the right keys. Uses a medieval tournament theme to engage students. Powerful management tools for parents and teachers. Ages 6 to Adult.

Research shows that Typing Tournament really makes a difference

As we are able to analyse the the typing speed of students using Typing Tournament Online we are able to assess the increase in speed over time. Our research has demonstrated that students using Typing Tournament regularly will increase in speed by an average of 6 WPM per term. In just a few terse students are able to meet AS 2708 2001 Australian Standard Keyboarding Speed Tests.

Schools around Australia are using Typing Tournament Online

Thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of students across Australia are learning to touch type using Typing Tournament Online. Many are obtaining typing speeds in excess of 40 WPM.

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