Improve Your Typing Skills

Improve your typing skills with Typing Tournament Online

Our new-generation typing tutor! Typing Tournament Online will help you learn to use your keyboard efficiently. It features a great range of typing games for children built on top of a highly developed didactic sequence known as our Multiple Progression Model. Children have so much fun using Typing Tournament Online that they don’t even know that they are learning.

Typing Tournament Online teaches adults and kids, students and teachers. It has advanced reporting and progress-tracking for every user. Statistics cover a range of different parameters including words-per-minute and accuracy reports.

Simple yet powerful

Typing Tournament Online features a simple and intuitive user interface that actively guides each user through the typing learning progression. The onscreen keyboard is colour coded to help guide in making learning to type easy and fun. This advanced typing tutor offers many visual aids to help adults and kids learn the computer keyboard including full course statistics.

Perfect for educational institutions

Multiple user support with individual accounts for each student makes Typing Tournament Online a perfect tool for educational facilities such as primary and high schools and universities. Each teacher has a management account that allows them to monitor the progress of all the students in their class. School administrators have special privileges to enhance school management.

Jump right in at your typing level

There is no need to create courses as this is all done in the software. Users with pre-existing typing skills can enter the learning process by demonstrating mastery of the preceding skills. Once in the learning stream they can then progress at their own rate.

Professional typists, teachers and writers love Typing Tournament Online

Typing Tournament Online provides a complete virtual keyboard with both hands moving over it to show the right typing position for each hand and finger. Highlighted zones for each finger help you learn correct finger placement. Typing the right keys is second nature in no time.

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