The First Typing Challenge of the Decade!

Come one, come all to Typing Tournament Online’s first Typing Challenge of the decade! Once a semester our classes battle it out to see who is the better typist. Competing in both speed and words typed, all classes between 5-100 students will have the chance to top the leaderboard and win some certificates!

What is the Typing Challenge?

The Typing Challenge is where the classes in EdAlive Central compete to see how well they can type. The results of this typing  challenge will be posted on our Leaderboard, which is updated every 15 minutes, allowing you to monitor your classes progress throughout the week.

These results are taken from how your students perform in Typing Tournament Online and will measure the class average for words per minute. The results will also tally together the total amount of words that your students typed in the whole week!

Since regular use of Typing Tournament Online can increase your students typing speed by 6wpm per term, this challenge will also allow you to see how far your students have improved.

Typing Challenge winners - Star of the Sea Primary School
5W Receives their Gold Trophy for “Most Words Typed in WA”

When is it?

The Typing Challenge for semester one 2020 will be held from Sunday the 22nd until Saturday the 28thof March. So set it in your calendar and get those home row keys ready!

How do I join in?

To participate in the Typing Challenge simply make sure your class is good to go in EdAlive Central and start typing! And if you don’t have a subscription, start a free 14-day trial and see for yourself what all the excitement is about!

If you need any help setting up send an email in to or call one of our friendly staff on our Australian Toll-Free No. 1800 023 069.

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