Meet The Characters of Maths Invaders Online

Hazel –

Hazel is generally friendly towards others but ruthless against those that want to hurt her or the fellow inhabitants of the Cumulus Nebula. Hazel is the current Guardian of Zone 1 and leads you into your Maths Invaders Adventure!

Talon –

Talon is a bird like alien whose people, the Technowls hail from a bustlin’ planet in the Feather system.

Talon like many other Technowls admires technology, mathematical skills and shiny objects.


Poor Oggie is a forgetful froggie with good intentions. When Interviewed Oggie stated –

“Oggie can’t remember everything but does know that Oggie hails from the

Tadpoland in Lilypad cluster”.

Senator Fluvius –

Senator Fluvius is the formal representative for the Aqualis System.

Fluvius hopes for an easy defeat of the Maths Invaders and a strong chance of re-election.

Russel –

Russel, would very much like you to protect home canopy and the Branch system with your mathematical skills but has faith that everything will work out for the best.

Wala –

Gnumtu in the Australis System is home to all sorts of dangerous creatures but

Wala has never seen anything that quite makes you want to say “Crikey!” Quite like those pesky Maths Invaders!


Respectfully declining an interview , Ali of the Reptilios lives in the Dragon cluster and is a lizard of very few words.

Elder Flint –

The Quartz Belt is known for it’s calm and stoic residents, the most renowned of them all being Elder Flint from Geodia.

Hunter –

Hunter thinks you’re great and can’t wait for you to visit the Wolf System!

Positive and resilient , Hunter could be a Mathematician’s best friend.

The Docto

In Deep Space lies the Tentacle System.

The Docto lives there, in Kraken with many other Cephaloid people. Some say “The Docto” is just a code name.

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