Why Learn to Touch Type?

Typing is faster than writing

KeyboardWhen you can do it well, touch typing is the fastest way to write. Many years ago handwriting was the primary skill people used to communicate over distance but today most are now typing what they have to convey. Just like handwriting is a skill that needs to be learnt so too is touch typing and once mastered most people can type more quickly than they can write with a pen and paper. Typing is not just the preserve of secretaries anymore. In the 21st century efficient touch typing is the key to good communications. That’s why learning to type efficiently is very important today.


Go about it the right way and learning to touch type is easy

50 years ago the only way to type was on big clunky typewriters copying from books full of typing exercises. Not anymore! Luckily, learning to type on a big clunky typewriter is a thing of the past! The vast majority of people now have access to computers instead. Today, everyone should know their way around a keyboard.

Learning to type and typing practice doesn’t have to be boring!

Typing Tournament Online is one of the best ways to learn to type. It has been created as a fun and efficient environment for students, teachers and parents to learn to type. It is fun to use and very cleverly constructed and features a wide range of typing tuition exercises arranged in progressive order with loads of practice and great games all tied to the progressive skill levels.

When learning to type it is important to remember to:

  • Use the correct fingers
  • Don’t rush!
  • Rest your wrists on the desk
  • You should take a rest from time to time
  • Shake your hands and arms to relax your muscles if they get tired
  • Don’t look at your hands when you are learning to type
  • Sit comfortably with your back up straight and your feet on the ground!

Here’s a great typing tip

  • Make a simple box out of cardboard or wood to cover both the keys and your hands so you don’t look at the keys as you type. Some use a tea towel for the same result.

Happy typing from the Typing Tournament Online team!

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