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Homeschool Reviewers go Manic for Volcanic Panic

As any homeschooler knows, teaching your child to read can often feel like a daunting task. Feeling the pressure of knowing you need to be providing the key blocks to understand the written word which surrounds us daily is an ever present concern. That’s why many homeschoolers look towards educational

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Homeschool Review Crew Bag the Dragon with Impressive Maths

At EdAlive, we occasionally reach out to various groups to hear their experiences, feedback and suggestions. This is usually collected through school visits, emails from teachers or reviews from homeschool families. Recently, EdAlive reached out to the Homeschool Review Crew, a part of The Old Schoolhouse®, for some reviews. The

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glen innes west infants school

Glen Innes West Infants School – 8th June 2021

The great little school goes to Year 2 Thanks to Tamara Knight for the visit with her class of Year 2 children at Glen Innes West Infants School. It was very informative to see them using Words Rock Online and Maths Invaders Online. Graham was delighted to see how well

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Getting started with Maths Invaders Online

Niangla Public School – 17th June 2021

The sun is shining today but last week Niangla was covered in snow Getting started with Maths Invaders Online Thanks to the Principal Hannah Crawford and her wonderful staff for a delightful and informative visit by Graham East of EdAlive to Niangla Public School. On the day there were only

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Maths Challenge Winners Term 2 2021

This term’s Maths Challenge was the first time we were able to have students competing on both Maths Invaders Online and Baggin the Dragon Maths Online. Well done to all of the students who competed in the Term Two 2021 Maths Challenge and congratulations to all of our winners! Maths

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Homeschool Review Crew is back again for more!

At EdAlive we value the feedback and suggestions by people from all walks of life, including the ever growing homeschool community. With many of our staff being previous homeschool students, we know the importance of word-of-mouth in these circles. To facilitate this, in 2019 we reached out to the Homeschool

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Congratulations to our Touch Typists!

Last week was a phenomenal blast! Congratulations to all of our avid typists across Australia and the world on a typing challenge well done! We at EdAlive cheered you all on through last week as we watched that word counter spinning away rapidly. With over 6.6 million words typed and

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Ready, set, go! Come join the Typing Challenge!

Get those fingers ready at the home row, the Term 1 Typing Challenge Has Begun! Year in and year out, classes across Australia and the rest of the world show off their typing skills in hopes of topping the Typing Tournament Online leaderboard. With two categories for both speed and

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Enhancing Student Engagement Through Fun

If you type “Enhancing Student Engagement in the Classroom” into your search engine, you’ll find many dozens of articles covering hundreds of ideas that real teachers use to achieve and maintain student engagement – because they know that engagement is key to learning. Of course, there are certain themes that recur, but no

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