Words Rock Online top voted amongst Homeschoolers

Each year, home school groups across the world get together to vote for their favourite learning resources. One such group is The Old Schoolhouse with their yearly Blue Ribbon Awards. These awards are the top voted educational resources by the Homeschool Review Crew, who try out and review various online and physical resources throughout the year.

Back in May, the Homeschool Review tried out Words Rock Online, Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Online and Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online. After spending a month putting these websites through their paces, the reviews came flooding in. After reading their reviews it was clear that all three were a big success; So much so that the Homeschool Review Crew bestowed EdAlive with the following award!

What we won

Words Rock Online top voted amongst Homeschoolers »

This year, the Homeschool Review Crew voted Words Rock Online as their Favourite Language Arts Resource!

With 14 reviews from the Crew this year, it’s wonderful to see that Words Rock Online was so impactful in these the day to day schooling of these families. Don’t just take our word for it though, here is some of what the Crew had to share about Words Rock Online.

What the Review Crew had to say on Words Rock Online

“I love that this program is designed to be used by schools, families, homeschoolers – really everyone.  Words Rock Online is a fun way to incorporate learning and games.  I think students will definitely have fun as they learn more about spelling, grammar, punctuation, pre-literacy and vocabulary.”Cummins Life

“Overall, this is a great supplemental game to help improve vocabulary and grammar. Micah had a blast with it and we will continue to use it for the rest of our subscription.”A Stable Beginning

“After reviewing the Words Rock Online app I would be very confident in recommending it to friends, fellow homeschoolers, and educators. I was impressed by the wide variety of topics used in the questions as well as the assortment of ways that questions were asked. The program is very user friendly for both the student as well as the parent or educator.”Homeschool Happenings

To see more of what they had to say, check out our collations of the Homeschool Review Crew’s reviews:

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