EdAlive Real Time Interactive Multiplayer Game Engine

A world leading innovation!

Our development team has recently release the first iteration of our interactive online gaming engine.
Initially it is being used to power the new multi-player game “Space Rescue” in Maths Invaders Online. 

There are plenty of racing games were students try to cross the finish line first by completing educational content, but Space Rescue breaks new ground in the way it combines the dimensions of multiplayer engagement, adaptive learning and curriculum correlation.

Playing Space Rescue is really cool and addictive. Just the trick to motivate and engage students.

Here’s some of the highlights of Space Rescue:

Space Rescue is a fully interactive educational game where students can engage with each other in the strategy and play. At the same time the system automatically chooses new questions to present to them based on their work so far. Each answer is logged and correlated against their local curriculum and available for report creation and remediation.

  • Up to 4 players can play against each other or the computer
  • Each student plays at their optimal education content level, giving them just the right challenge
  • Highly interactive. It’s not just a race to the finish line.
  • Students engage directly with each other through the dynamic game play. Their actions directly affect the options of other players.
  • Play against the computer with friends or classmates, or around the world
  • Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows the computer opponents to auto-level to match the capability of the players
  • The innovative turn-based design maximises the time doing educational content and minimises time waiting for other players
  • Uses the latest in real-time web communication technology (web sockets) to minimise lag and create a secure and responsive game environment
  • Virtually instantly responsive
  • Innovate turn based design that maximises the time doing educational content and minimises waiting time for other players
  • Educational content is curated to ensure that players are always focused on completing activates that are appropriate for them
  • Allows players to invite others to join their game enabling players to play with others in the same room, school, family or anyone else from anywhere in the world. (Players are anonymised for child protection reasons).

Coming in 2019

We are currently adapting the Interactive Multiplayer Game engine that now powers Space Rescue to power fully interactive versions of Words Rock, Numbers Up Volcanic Panic and Baggin the Dragon.


Game screen from Space Rescue – the Interactive Multiplayer Game embedded in Maths Invaders Online.

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