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Maths Invaders Passes 1,000,000 Questions

EdAlive Staff at Maths Invaders MilestoneMaths Invaders Online passed the 1,000,000 questions answered landmark at 11:05 am on Monday 6th August. This is astonishing growth as Maths Invaders Online was only released at the end of Term 2 2018!

Feedback from teachers is really positive. They love the idea that the students do so much maths in a session. We have calculated that it is possible to complete over 1,800 maths questions per hour. That’s around 30 questions a minute and for a typical 20 minute student that’s around 600 maths questions. Now most students will not be that fast but they will do hundreds of questions in a session!

Students are also giving us great feedback. Each time they answer a question they earn credit towards their Defender status. Now that we have released the Galactic Campaign mastery learning mode engagement has jumped even further. Students are automatically guided through sequential maths levels leaving teachers free to focus on helping them when they reach their maths limits instead of having to work out what they should do next.

Maths Invaders Online Growth Graph.1We are currently working on a highly informative report to supplement the Galactic Campaign. The new report will highlight students’ progress and show the correlation between the questions and the Australian Curriculum, Victoria Curriculum and NSW Syllabus.

Our goal is to create a maths programme that really engages students and boost their computational maths skills. We have made a great start. If you have any suggestions as to how we might make it even better please let us know.


  • The idea of Maths Invaders Online is fantastic. I have been waiting years for the original to be updated to the online platform. Well done.
    I would like to see the teacher gain more control over what the student focusses on. When the teacher can set the level and it is not timed (currently, I think this is the only way to control content), then it will be better. You have to set the timing in minutes and you cannot set it forever…a real inhibitor.
    I would also like to see more diagnostics from what the student can and cannot do. Maybe deeper diagnostics as that was the strength of the idea. What can the student do, what can’t they do, what is the next level? All needing deeper diagnostics.
    It is getting there – please keep improving. It is great.

    • Hi Noel,
      sorry for the delayed reply.
      Thanks so much for your feedback! We’re glad you’re enjoying Maths Invaders Online and its older incarnation too.
      We’ve been making frequent changes to the content based on feedback from educators such as yourself. Your comment has been forwarded to the development team and if you have more feedback in the future – keep it coming! The beauty of an online program is that we can strive to improve.

      In regards to diagnostics, the “Galactic Campaign” which has been implemented since you wrote your comment does show students strengths and weaknesses and may be what you’re looking for. We are certainly working on changing and perfecting the ways in which Teachers can control content. Watch this space!

      -Jessica , EdAlive team.

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