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At EdAlive, we know that kids learn through fun! That’s why all EdAlive titles are rich in activities that motivate kids through fun. At the same time the educational activities within our products are of the highest quality and are directly based on the relevant curricula.

Since my early teaching days, I have been convinced that children, as individuals have different learning needs. The challenge has always been to deliver the right educational content at the right time for the right child and then to motivate them to access it. The EdAlive range has grown from this conviction and treats each child as an individual with unique user profiles, advanced record keeping and high levels of customisation allowing each child to work at their own pace and to know the reward of success.

EdAlive titles have won over 60 major awards and endorsements making EdAlive one of the world’s leading publishers of educational software.

At EdAlive we want the struggling child, the average child and the gifted and talented child to experience the joy of confidently tackling new challenges so that real learning growth occurs. We strive to give every chance to every child.

All the best,

Graham East in jacket and tie in circle

Graham East

Managing Director