Ages 6-Adult
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Get ready for NAPLAN Online and build typing skills with


A complete, 10-finger typing course

Teaches Typing for Life

Challenging fun for typists of all ages and abilities! A powerful typing tutor for children and adults of all ages including absolute beginners, “Let’s Try Again” typists and “Need a Refresher” typists. Get started straight out of the box, or take advantage of the powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities to zero in on your learning needs.

  • tt-stay-motivatedMaster the keyboard by revealing 16 medieval worlds
  • Start anywhere, adjust your goals and complete the challenge to take on the Dark Typist!
  • Progressively introduces the whole keyboard
  • Reinforces new keys with games, drills and progress tests
  • Revolutionary new Multiple Progressions Model
  • Builds kinetic memory through Home Row and Vertical Key Path exercises
  • Colour-coded keyboard, visual prompts
  • Animated demonstrations of correct finger placement and visual prompts
  • Teaches good posture and typing habits
  • Includes three action-packed typing games and a progress test

Battle your way through 16 medieval locations!

tt-map-shadowA fantastic typing adventure awaits you! Complete the quest and prove yourself worthy of challenging the Dark Typist! Collect rewards and tokens as you journey through 16 medieval environments, from the Dragon’s Cave to the Throne Room. Each location presents four new keys with a lesson, demonstration, practice drills, three action-packed typing games and a progress test. Only you can rid the land of the Dark Typist’s tyranny!  

Castle Siege! Your castle is being attacked! Type the words correctly to bombard your attackers with barrels to prevent them from reaching the top of the castle wall.  PowderKegPowder Keg A fun-loving dragon has found your store of gunpowder and is lighting fuses with his fiery breath! Each powder keg has its own keyboard letter. Hit the correct keys to aim your water bombs and put out the fuses before it’s too late!  Dragon Chase! Type furiously to stay ahead of the dragon and escape to the tower – otherwise you’ll get a toasting!

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