• Language variation and change
    • VCELA303
      Understand that Standard Australian English is one of many social dialects used in Australia, and that while it originated in England it has been influenced by many other languages
  • Text structure and organisation
    • VCELA277
      Identify features used in imaginative, informative and persuasive texts to meet the purpose of the text, and understand how texts vary in complexity and technicality depending on the approach to the topic, the purpose and the intended audience
    • VCELA290
      Understand how texts are made cohesive through the use of linking devices including pronoun reference and text connectives
    • VCELA291
      Recognise how quotation marks are used in texts to signal dialogue, titles and quoted (direct) speech
  • Expressing and developing ideas
    • VCELA292
      Understand that the meaning of sentences can be enriched through the use of noun groups/phrases and verb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases
    • VCELA280
      Understand how adverb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases work in different ways to provide circumstantial details about an activity
    • VCELA293
      Incorporate new vocabulary from a range of sources into students' own texts including vocabulary encountered in research, into own texts
    • VCELA295
      Understand how to use spelling patterns and generalisations including syllabification, letter combinations including double letters, and morphemic knowledge to build word families
    • VCELA296
      Recognise homophones and know how to use context to identify correct spelling